Full Version: [Next Tues 7PM] Reunion
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Yo yo.

I've been thinking we should get together sometime and play a few games.
I know a bunch of you are still playing stuff like CS:GO together, but maybe we could play a few different games for old times' sake.

Any game's on the table, as long as enough people want to play it.

What do you guys thinks?

Edit: Does next Tuesday (31st) at 7PM (GMT) work for people?
I like that idea my friend

We should maybe do one of those infamous CSS events again 
[Image: 8b0f7d3f098ccf04078506cdaba29f3016cdb700_full.jpg]
May I suggest L4D2?
Yeah they both sound pretty good.
We could do multiple games, at different times if people want to play both.

We'll probably have to do a first-come-first-served thing with L4D2, although I'm not sure how many people still check the forums Badger
It does seem awful quiet around here.
I would like that tbh! Smile
I've added a poll so people don't have to reply to say they're interested.

I also think some people viewing the forums aren't logged in. Added a note
If I'm free I'm down
same as tyde
yes pls L4D2
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