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FEEDBACK: New weapons
Author: Badger, Views: 12205, Replies: 34
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This thread is for feedback on the new weapons that have been added to Server 2. The weapons are listed below and feedback is very helpful for balancing the weapons and fixing any bugs.

Normal Weapons
  • AK47- Difference from the M16: Increased spread and recoil. Decreased damage and firing delay
  • AWP- Difference from the Scout(rifle): Increased damage, recoil and reload time. Decreased clip size.
  • Dual Elite Pistols- Difference from the Pistol: Increased recoil, cone and clip size. Reduced damage and firing delay
  • H.E. Grenade- Difference from the Incendiary: Increase damage, explosion radius. No fire.
  • MP5- Difference from the MAC10: Increased damage and recoil. Decreased firing delay and clip size.
  • Pump Shotgun- Difference from the Shotgun: Increased damage, spread and firing delay. Decreased clips size.
  • TMP- Difference from the MAC10: Increased delay. Decreased noise.
Traitor/Detective Weapons
  • Scar20- Difference from the Scout(rifle): Increased ammo. Decreased delay, recoil, damage and spread.
Misc Changes
  • The H.U.G.E. has received a minor damage increase and spread reduction.
  • The Silenced Pistol has had a minor damage increase.
Known Bugs
  • Spawns- The H.E. grenades spawn on most (if not all) CS:S maps and 67thway. The other weapons spawn on most CS:S maps and use random spawns on other maps.
  • MP5 Sound bug- The MP5 sometimes stops making its firing noise.
  • Scar Crotch Bug- Players hold the Scar in their crotch. Working on a solution at the moment.
  • TMP Ironsites Bug- When you fire with the TMP using Ironsites, they screw up a bit.
  • Dual Elites- When you hold the dual elites, to other players, the left pistol is being pointed to the ground.
Big thanks to everyone in Server 2 for helping to test and improve these guns.
TC created the original stats for the TMP, AK47, AWP and Pump Shotgun.
Macca gave the idea for the MP5.
SilentK converted the files for the Scar20 and created the lua files for it. He also gave the idea and stats for the Dual-Elites and made the H.E. Grenade plus its spawns.
Massive thanks to Dangerous Dan for adding weapon spawns to the maps for these new weapons.
Mr. R for helping me with the kill icons

Amount of custom content on server 2 (excluding maps): 4,633,040 Bytes (compressed)
I've only used the AK and the shotgun so far, and they're both good fun to use! They seem well balanced too. It's refreshing to be able to use new content for a change Smile
Yeah I found the best bit for me was the new sounds. Makes the game more exciting for me and brings some change to the traditional weapons I've been using for so long now.

The aim is to make them balanced. They're not supposed to be upgrades or replacements, just an alternative weapon. Like how the rifle is best in long range situations, while the shotgun destroys close up.
i think that you need to fix the aiming on the tmp i got to use the ak47 also and think it a good weapon also I was meaning to ask you if the damage had been increased or decreased. I heard that the new sniper may be overpower people were saying that its a one hit kill not sure about that, I never got the new shotgun gun that is today's task for me. but well done badger I i think your doing a great job for the server
[Image: VAfLNHd.gif]
I feel that actually both the AWP and TMP and ak47 were fine but the shotgun was absolutely terrible to use. Less ammo and the new look make it a No on that weapon for me.
I liked all of them to be honest, as Goat said it was refreshing to experience these over the norm. The TMP did seem a little powerful to me though, just a little, but I don't know if it has a higher rate of fire than the Mac that causes that? Tongue
[Image: NOaN7qv.jpg]
Yeah I thought the TMP was a bit OP when I used it. But it has the exact same stats as the Mac10. I guess it's just the silencer.

Could just do a simple increase rate of fire, decrease damage.
Loving the new weapons Big Grin Especially the shotgun, no more shotgun kills from over 40feet.
i love the ak and shotgun so fun to use Big Grin
I am loving the new guns especially the AK and the MP5. Well done Badger
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