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The Stanley Parable
Author: Nitro-Ham, Views: 1461, Replies: 5
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The Stanley Parable

You remeber the cool Soucemod, yep they actualy made a game out of it.

Just buy the freakin game its epic. Can´t tell you anything about would spoil the game.
Still not sure download the demo play it and you will buy the game cuz the demo is awsome.

The Stanley Parable: Aviable on steam Now
Waiting till the 20th for some money
I played the demo its absolutely briliant
Got it tis an amazing game I played the MOD and this is everything i wanted it to be
This game is 10/10.

I can find nothing wrong with it, no matter how hard I look.

There are so many choices...there must be hundreds... there must be at least 14 hours of content in this, just because each tiny choice sends you spiralling into a million other tiny choices, which each in turn spiral in more and more tiny choices, and so on, and so forth. I just can't stop playing.

I can't help but feel the intense, bitter irony of the whole game. And there's a message behind this game. A very deep one. I just have yet to find it. You will feel it too, a clever, profound meaning that shakes you to your core. God, it's so complicated to explain in a post. Just trust me on this one. Go out and play this game.

'When the reader had read CountAardvark's post, he decided to go out and buy the game, to see if it was as good as the hype suggested.'
I got it earlier cause of cookie laughing when he played it, and I'll admit it was a good laugh playing but I'm not sure if it is worth the money
[Image: MTTBgYI.gif]
I enjoyed it.
[Image: 1344285159618.gif]
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