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Player Protection
Author: Badger, Views: 8289, Replies: 24
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Hello everyone.

For the past month or so a bunch of you have been complaining about problems with RDMers during the daytime.
The purpose of this post is to suggest a number of changes that could take place to provide support for the players when an admin is not available, but also to help improve the activity of administrators and moderators.

Note: whenever I say administrator, I mean anyone with administrator powers. So mods, admins, etc.

  • Moderators
  • Temporary Moderators
  • Trusted Member
  • Reasons
  • Rules
  • Team-kill Auto-punishment
  • RDM Detection
  • Improved Report Command

With the moderator rank, you would first apply for it then, if accepted, donate.

The donation system is currently unavailable. We are looking into sorting it out.
I need to also make a post about donations, to see what kind of things you guys would be willing to donate for. There could possibly be a cheaper version of the moderator rank, but with less permissions.

As a moderator, you would get the following:
  • Get moderator in-game, on Teamspeak and on the forums.
  • Get access to the moderator section on the forums, access to locked teamspeak rooms and involvement in some admin meetings.
  • Also get 25% off pointshop items and a skin of their choice.
  • Old price was £25 a month.

Temporary Moderators
Like moderators, but cheaper. They only have powers during a certain time of the day, and only when there are no mods/admins on.
There are specific time slots available, and people apply for those timeslots (possibly just daytime (8AM-4PM) and night (0AM-8AM)).
They would have the same powers and benefits as moderators have.

Trusted Member
This rank would be given to members of the community who are trusted and well known.
They would possibly be elected by the staff team, through a voting system.

They would only have their powers when there aren't any players with a higher rank than them online (e.g. admins, mods, etc.)

They would have the following powers:
  • Kick
  • Mute
  • Gag
  • seeasay
  • voteban

When a player is suspected of RDMing another player either by an administrator or by the autosystem, they must provide a reason for killing the other player.

Administrators can use a command with two parameters:
  • This would bring up a dialog box, asking the KILLER to provide a reason for killing the KILLED_PLAYER.
This will save the administrators trying to contact the player and get them to respond.

When selecting a player the killer has killed, it will either show a list of all players, or just ones the killer has killed.
If the second option, then the command should only be usable on killers who are dead, or all players when the administrator is dead to prevent ghosting, even if accidental.

When a user connects to the server for the first time, they are forced to agree to follow the rules.
If they don't, they get kicked until they do.

Administrators will also have a command to force players to view the rules.
So when a player RDMs, the administrator will be able to punish the player and force them to re-read the rules.

Team-kill autopunishment
Easiest way to find RDM is to look at teamkills.

  • If a traitor kills another traitor, and it's not from C4, they should be punished.
  • Damage punishment:
    • Every time a traitor damages a fellow traitor, the damage they do is taken out of their health
  • If all the damage done to a traitor to kill them was from a fellow traitor, slay that traitor instantly
  • Could have a vote system
    • If a traitor team kills a fellow traitor, start a vote where the rest of the traitors can vote to slay the traitor

RDM Detection
Inspired by-
Note: Does not count for traitors killing innocents/detectives, or killing other traitors with C4
Note: Also does not count for administrators.

Detection rules
A player was RDMed given the following conditions are true:
  • They have not shot a weapon
  • They have not damaged another player
  • They have not thrown a grenade (excluding smoke grenade)
  • They have not taken out a traitor weapon
  • They are not the only non-proven player
  • There are more than 2 players alive who aren't detectives (e.g. Traitor, innocent, innocent or traitor, innocent, innocent, detective)
The only thing I can think of this list doesn't account for is people failing to identify unidentified bodies.

If the system has detected RDM, then the following actions will be taken:
  • The player will first be alerted that they have RDMed, and will be required to provide a reason. The reason will be used for logging purposes.
  • Action group 1
    • First Tier:
      • The player will be warned.
      • An unavoidable GUI window will pop up with the rules, explaining that the player has RDMed.
    • Second Tier:
      • The player will be slain.
    • Third, Forth and Fifth Tier:
      • If an administrator is online, then they will be alerted about this player.
      • If not, the player will be kicked.
    • Sixth Tier:
      • If an administrator is online, then they will be alerted about this player.
      • If not, the player will be banned for a day.

More details
  • The system will record what punishments have been given to players.
  • Players can only ever receive one warning, however, they could possibly move back down to a lower tier if they behave.
  • After a one day ban, a player will move back to the second tier so they will get slain the next time they RDM.
  • If a player doesn't get banned but is above tier 2, they will move down 1 tier for every hour they don't RDM.

Improved Report Command
It would be very useful for admins and players, if rather than just typing the whole message (e.g. what we normally get "everyone is RDMing. do something", they select a player to report and type a reason.

They could do it through the menu, but it would essentially be:
!report PLAYER reason

Then the admin would get the message:
Quote:PLAYER (steamID) reported PLAYER (steamID) for:
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If this shit works... then my penis will no longer feel hunger
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I fucking love you Badger
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I think this could work? But there will always be problem with automation... Will this be implemented even when an admin is on the server as well?
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I like this except for 'Also does not count for administrators.'... Except for that, it's great.
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