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CityMayhem dominates -> Starport: GE
Author: Staticwolf, Views: 5948, Replies: 22
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CityMayhem needs you!

Fighter Pilot? Trader? Colonial Leader? Explorer? Bounty Hunter? Pirate? Cabbie?

Your help is needed in spreading The CityMayhem Corporation through the galaxy!

Conquer planets, trade resources, grow your colonies, fight player ships and colonies, AI convoys, pirates and bounty hunters, grow your funds, buy new ships to suit your needs, conquer opposing corporations, control the galaxy.

So. I think CityMayhem should play Starport: GE for a round or two. Let me explain a little what it is.

Starport: Galactic Empires is a fairly old, free-to-play top-down 2D MMO which (generally) is played in rounds, lasting about 2-3 weeks. You control a single spaceship and, beyond that, it's up to you to decide what you want to do. There are no real "quests", you just have to achieve whatever you want to achieve in that time.

However, for the people who really want to succeed, they join/found a corporation which is, by all standards, a guild, with up to 10 people allowed in it. They can share colonies, money, resources, etc. That's what we'd be doing.

The game is limited by the use of Warp Fuel. This regenerates slowly over time, and is used to transport between solar systems and to launch to space from planets. Careful use of warp fuel distinguishes what a player can do. Warp fuel can also be generated by jettisoning spice (a very valuable resource) into space.

Your own character also has stats, which distinguish them. A character with high charisma is better at keeping colonists happy, whilst a high dexterity character can turn their ship more quickly, exceptionally helpful for fighting. Finally, wisdom lowers a captain's fuel use when warping, good for explorers.

The best way to understand what this game is really about is to play it. If you're interested, it's worth taking a little bit of a play and flying around, exploring the galaxy. But, if you'd rather hear some detail first, let me regale you with a few of my best experiences, back when I last played.

Corporation trader:
So, I started off my journey in the galaxy with nothing but a casual cruiser. With my plan in action, I traded in my ship for a high fuel efficiency, speedy, but weak ship which could get me around quickly. From there, I worked on picking up travellors from space ports and taking them across the galaxy, earning money as a taxi. At the same time, I took note of the available resources to buy and sell at each space port. Eventually, after making some large fares a long way across the galaxy and carefully avoiding pirates, I was able to buy a large trading ship, which I bought extra cargo holds for and used to form trade routes between the valuable routes I'd discovered from my times working as a taxi. However, pirates became a large problem, as it was difficult to defend myself in such a large ship, so I founded a corporation to get help. Eagerly, one person joined up to be an escort for my trades, and in return received a battleship to defend me as I went about my trading. As we grew and gained more money, more people joined the corporation. Although we were by no means the largest or strongest, we had a good pool of money and few assets to worry about. So, we invested in some colonies on desert planets, built mining equipment and watched as our colonies accumulated spice which we could jettison for fuel, to expand our trading capabilities. However, despite some strong defences, individual pirates were able to capture certain colonies, taking and destroying our hard work. Eventually, we ended weak, having been destroyed by powerful pirates, and losing all our money to investing in our colonies, rather than buying weapons and generally preparing for war.

Paradise Colonist:
Starting again as a taxi pilot (honestly, such an easy way to get money), I quickly founded a corporation, but this time had someone else trading whilst I defended them in a fairly hefty stealth battleship. We wanted quick, powerful expansion, and so we used a lot of money to gain information on the locations of rare artifacts and, more importantly, paradise planets. When we eventually got information regarding one, we quickly travelled there and founded a colony, on a world so perfect that the colonist population grew rapidly and wealthily. However, quickly, the pirates caught on and tried to invade. We were able to defend our colony against the first few raids, but eventually they whittled us down and took the colony. Seeing now as the pirates were doing so well and we couldn't hold a colony, we joined the pirate way to life. My trade partner purchased a battle ship, and I moved up to a corporation flag ship. Travelling the galaxy, we started hunting and raiding valuable colonies, taking all that they had and leaving nothing behind. Eventually, bounties were placed on us and we were hunted, but we were powerful enough to defend ourselves with ease. Our downfall only came when a group of hunters ganged up on us and trapped us in a planet, before eventually coming down and pinning us in a corner. We still finished high on the leaderboard, as feared pirates.

So, if you're interested, check it out, the links are below. Hopefully, we can get a few members from CM on to play a round or two, and maybe do OK against people who play this almost daily. If you're interested, leave a post below!

Currently interested players (aiming for around 10)
Orlock Gaur
Traitor's Dagger
I'd be up for this!
[Image: NOaN7qv.jpg]
[Image: 202592-entropia-universe-entropia-universe-banner.jpg]

or at least used to anyway
It's free to play, but is it pay to win?
[Image: MTTBgYI.gif]
I may well be up for having a pop at this Big Grin
I'll be in, sounds fun.
[Image: iyq4vp.png]
Sounds..... Interesting. I'd be absolutely fupping awful at it. But i'd be up for it. (:
[Image: Zqnid40.png?1]
[quote name='GEAL' timestamp='1376151151' post='27500']
[Image: 202592-entropia-universe-entropia-universe-banner.jpg]

or at least used to anyway
No we don't
Looks like there's stuff to be burnt; I'm in.
[quote name='Tyde' timestamp='1376151765' post='27502']
It's free to play, but is it pay to win?
There are "pay to win" aspects, but they're rarely ever used, and you certainly don't need them. You can pay real money for warp fuel, or special ships (which aren't that fantastic, mostly just fuel efficient). Also, it's the only way for non-pirates to buy nukes, but you really don't need them (and I'm certain someone will be a pirate anyway).
[quote name='Rhysdabeast' timestamp='1376157178' post='27511']
Sounds..... Interesting. I'd be absolutely fupping awful at it. But i'd be up for it. (:
I expect everyone will be awful, even I'm not that great at it, I've just failed enough in the past to have a vague grasp at what I'm doing. I haven't played in a few years either though.

Also, I should point out, I picked this game precisely because, as you've probably noticed, I'm struggling for time to game at the moment. Due to warp fuel, you can only play so long at a time anyway, biodome spice production helps but it's an expensive way to help. When we have time, we'll have a nice big discussion about this. But, before then, I still recommend anyone interested download and have a play on a new round server (NOT A PERMAVERSE, you will die) before we start ourselves. Key concepts to get your head around: Warp fuel & fuel efficiency, travelling between solar systems & docking/launching, reputation & experience, ways of safely going offline (by which, I mean, when you go offline, your ship stays online, so you have to either find somewhere remote to park it, or put it somewhere protected.)

More advanced concepts to look into after the basics are: Forming trade routes & understanding how they decay, locating artifacts and secrets, building biodomes and rapidly growing them, the value of different planet types, and the use of non-UN space-stations.

Oh, and one final thing, when we have a chat about this game with the people who want to play, we need to decide if we want to be pirates or admirals. You can swing either way but it's silly to start being a pirate then suddenly decide to be nice. Due to how corporations work, the majority of us need to be pirates/admirals, and if someone (or two) wants to swing the other way, I'll discuss how we can do this.

I've added a roster of interested players to the OP.
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