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Your TTT specialities?
Author: ZorroUK, Views: 10075, Replies: 43
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Not sure if this is offtopic or not, but what are you best at/ well known for in TTT?

My speciality would have to be using rules of elimination and detective work to find the last pesky Ts.

Also nobody touches my friggin health station.
[Image: bkZxGb0.gif]
I am most known for making Kim very very angry.

I have video evidence.
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H.U.G.E.....Ill fuck your shit up with 150 bullets
[Image: ravenflight.gif]
Getting killed by Findus
No idea, I think Im pretty good at close combat and not so good at sniping. Also I usually end up along the guys with the highest score and kill on average one t per round and often end up hurting another. However to be good at something other people must recognize it I think and none seems to pay any special attention to anything I do. So perhaps I dont really have any special ability or skill in some field in this game.
Lies and murder, mostly
(10-16-2014, 09:16 PM)Alias Wrote: dont masterbate for at least a day before hand, then masterbate mid way round and fling it into the eyes of the leader while shouting "spiderman"
Pissing people off so they get mad and make mistakes. Im really good at mind games.
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Knifing Gashzer, rekting Tyde Tiggy and British Dude, trip mines specialities with Max and RDM'ing Ugly Cat Smile
Dying a lot. Not shooting people. etc.
Having no ability to shoot and a strange, almost creepy, obsession for planting c4.
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