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What are we going to do about Server 1
Author: Rhysdabeast, Views: 7615, Replies: 25
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As a few threads have started to sway towards discussing server 1 and its demise I thought best make a thread on it.

As most of you are aware server 1 used to be the place to be; blackjack, hookers etc. Was full 99% of the time during peak playing hours and was our main source of player traffic. Server 2 was a bit of an overflow. But even before custom weapons, when it just had a few extra maps, server 2 was hitting 10+ players most days and was rarley empty during afternoons - evenings.

A few admins myself included used to populate server 2 ourselves back then it was sort of an unwritten rule that if server 1 had an admin, go and populate server 2. After some more custom content server 2 bypassed 1 which was a good thing at the time. There was a sweet spot where server 1 was nearly always full and server 2 was 20+ most days.

Now. Server 1 is dead. Infact I havent been on that much recently but I dont think ive seen more than 7+ players ever. (Not to mention no admins even though there are 3 + admins and mods on server 2)

I would like suggestions on what we are going to do about this as a community.
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Server 1 is for players that prefers Vanilla, since it's always empty it seems nobody wants to play Vanilla. Also everyone on this community seems to prefer server 2. Yesterday me and Tiggy tried to populate server 1 and then left after waiting for about half an hour because well not only people wouldn't join also Vanilla is boring, and one or two admins can't populate a server alone they need a few members with them who prefers server 2 over Vanilla. Also I would like to mention that I find server 2 full often and I have to wait to join, when somebody sees a full server he won't join so we are limiting the amount of new players we can get. Best thing you can do is to add all the customizations to Server 1.
Custom Content.. Either add it or get rid of the server, fuck vanilla, it isn't bringing anyone in and it probably never will..

People say that it's supposed to be a vanilla server, but it's clearly never going to go anywhere again really. Unless there is a huge peak time, such as a school holiday or whatever, it's likely it will stay dead.

Sooo custom content or gtfo.
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I shall speak to Badger about this.
Yeah, I think that its the fact that just enough custom content is what people interested in the server long enough for them to stay and play with other people, long enough for them to know someone and want to come back. Dust1, 2 and those normal maps arent particularly interesting and neither is the default weapons. Every single server has those.

In addition some of the original css maps are pretty ugly. Cbble, aztec and dust are fine examples of quite ugly maps.
You picked the best 3 cs maps and saod they were ugly you
I've defended server #1 quite a bit saying it's good to have a vanilla server but now I see. It's pointless. No one wants to play vanilla lets face it. Server #1 is pointless and may as well just be an overflow with the same content as server #2. Obviously involving switching the names around.
^He knows it
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Maybe make a server for another game mode like Murder or Hide and Seek, as a lot of people enjoy both those game modes, inside and out the community. That, and it will also help bring in new players to the community.
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What is locked can be opened, and what is yours is mine.

That doesn't sound too bad, there have been so many poll's for new servers and every single time they have just fallen out of the loop, despite having a huge amount of support.
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