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Author: Dub, Views: 8259, Replies: 23
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Let me hear them guys
I suggest a suggestions thread
I suggest we suggest a suggestions thread

But seriously /sc lock on our chests is essential
(03-04-2014, 03:38 PM)Alias Wrote: I suggest we suggest a suggestions thread

But seriously /sc lock on our chests is essential

[Image: ravenflight.gif]
Maybe a casino like the ones in the game so we can buy those rare weird Pokemon? Also I bought 15 ultra balls and accidentally sold them all for like like £0.50...I would like to have them back or the money please. So....change the selling prices.
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Buyable iron. (pokeballs mates)

Buyable moves (ergo "dig")

easier way to make money (need not mean a easier way to get rich)

Money changed back to "pokeyen" (the £ really?) seriously it can convert at a about 1 pokeyen to the penny.

my recommendations on the gym system if anyone remembered that. (that a gym leader, like in expanded universe, has different Pokemon for the skill and badges of the trainer he faces (it was legal requirement that if a no badger come along he can still fight him fairly and also is able to fight high end trainers))

A better merchant system.

More building! (we are working on that I know)

Ignore crys to expand the map, I feel it is fine for now (if we have all bio-domes)

faction threads (I know this failed last time but teaming up is still quite a cool idea and a place to discuss plans sounds great (members sub to the thread and get updates to plans from the management and other members).)

(see my other threads)

Good for now but if I think of more will post as I did before.
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Better selling pricessssss... It's impossible to make money selling the things you find..
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
Yes to lock chests.

Map borders are expanded.

Yes to gym leader with no level limits.
Oh yeah.. lock chests too.. cool.. c:
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
I'm just going to add that prices aren't final, this was just a test to see what everyone thought about them.

They can be easily changed.
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