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GTA V map leak?!
Author: Ellwood, Views: 3035, Replies: 10
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Using my phone so I can't directly post the image here's the link instead...
[Image: SlbTS57.gif]
Looks Mahoosive!
[Image: tumblr_mldo1fcYsV1s91a35o1_500.gif]
I hope not. There's quite a lot of open land which seems fair useless.
At least in San Andreas you had lots of little towns with missions in them spread out across the open land. And cross country was the quickest way from LS to SF.
I have a feeling it is legit, but as well as Badger I hope not at the same time, I feel like it's a bit lazy for Rockstar to just give a big city then to just dump a whole lot of wasteland beyond it. Nonetheless still going to be one impressive and fun open world to play in! Can't wait!
[Image: SlbTS57.gif]
I can confirm this is the real map.

It matches current video clips and parts of maps GTA has shown.
[Image: Qsst9bE.png]
you can't confirm it without working for rockstar or you've actually seen the ingame map
Its been confirmed by Rockstar.

It fits GTA 4, San Andreas and Vice City inside it :') Its big and Im really looking forward to it.
[Image: NOaN7qv.jpg]
It doesn't looks that big as Rockstar says. Anyway, we'll see when the game will come out.

The two big open areas are mountains.
I've heard from my cousin that you can base jump off the mountain, which sounds fun, but there's only so far that can go before it gets repetitive.
In GTA IV, you could base jump off the skyscrapers, and they took up a lot less space.
Guys its okay, it comes out on my birthday Big Grin 18th too, so gonna get it
im so hyped
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