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Halo for PC ???
Author: THE EPIC Panda, Views: 1262, Replies: 4
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So Amazon UK has put on their store a copy of Halo: the master chief collection for the platform no operating system. Could this be that the collection is heading its way over to PC? Before you say that this is just a misplacement, hold on. Amazon has had a history of reveling games such as Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X way before their official announcements. I myself am hyped if this is true, but this is probably just a misplacement and will be taken down soon.

Link to Amazon site
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I thought halo was xbox only?

I mean, counter strike went from pc only to also xbox (1.6 and CZ)
Well, I would like to see how that works out with halo
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(08-06-2014, 12:26 PM)TimeTricks Wrote: I thought halo was xbox only?

Your sort of right. Only Halo: Combat Evolved came to every PC. Halo 2 was released as a Windows Vista exclusive. Would be nice to see Halo on PC as I had all of them on Xbox and I would like to see how they run on a system whose hardware isn't 9 years old.
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it would be nice but I dont think they will because its one of Xbox main sellers so if it was to go to PC people might not buy and Xbox to play it so they would lose money
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I heard that halo 3 was coming to steam but part of me believes that this is just some crazy rumor that the internet cooked up
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