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So My Rev have been banned from CSGO Lounge for max fixing
Author: Alias, Views: 1769, Replies: 3
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Statement from CSGO Lounge:

We have done some investigating and have found very hard evidence of MyRev throwing.

Not only (apparent) ingame throws by tomfoolery, we have found significant evidence that they threw.
For two out of five members, 90% of their friends placed against them. Those friends had alt accounts, which also betted against them. Another piece of evidence was some of these alt accounts and maxbets as their only bet, which was against their friend and the majority favorite.
Finally, one of the MyRev teammembers have placed a maxbet against themselves, we have found it just to return skins to all users.
Sorry for all legitimate Volgare betters, but this is a necessity.
GL and sorry for the inconvenience!

I personally think there have been some really suspicious games recently with ridiculous odds going in favour of the underdog. Maybe this will deter people from throwing for skins in the future.

I think CS:GO competitive is slowly dying because of all the money they can get from it. Hacking in tournaments, no sportmanship whatsoever in the games *cough* dreamhack *cough*. Sure it won't die completely but it's going a pretty bad road.
I think the opposite I think its growing to fast. These issues are those of a new sport coming into the limelight.
Hardly, league maintains fair esports and is bigger than cago and grew just as quick
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