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Improving (at) CSGO
Author: TimeTricks, Views: 21820, Replies: 79
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Hello everyone,
Just a few "minor" changes to CSGO screen and such.

This guy name "2kliksphilips" or "3kliksphilips" Has alot of tutorials and damage spreadsheets and stuff...
one of these is 

He really helped me with some csgo stuff bla bla...

After philips, we have warowl, he discusses things like tactics and some glitches and other things with csgo

With this Crosshair customizer, you can make your own custom crosshair, and just copy + paste the initials in console , and have your own crosshair.

And if you do not have anything to do, try this case simulator Big Grin

And anyone wants to try this?
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"Build 100 bridges and suck 1 dick, you're not a bridge builder, you're a dick sucker"
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Mentions Bob too much
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If u wanna improve play with ur silver one mates eventually you sto being mad about losing and increases ur game zen

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I've watched videos from that guy when I was playing around with Hammer making maps.

Also, if you're going to try get better, please try to sweat less than some of the other CS:GO players we have.
Playing DM often can lead you doing Run N Gun by far better, and if you have random weapons on, you can easily switch between weapon classes, learn more of a specific weapon, and a bunch more.

"A real man doesn't select his weapon - The weapon selects him" - Use DM to find the weapon that suits you best, not always it is the AK/M4/AWP.

"A real man doesn't use a silenced weapon - He is not afraid to be heard, nor is afraid of recoil." - M4A1-S and USP-S do the same damage as M4A4 and P2000, the only difference is that they have less recoil, and are silenced. However, the silenced ones have less ammo in a clip, and less total clips given, and if used spammily, they might run out of ammo and leave you defenseless.

"Camping - Doing it on the others before they do it to you" - Camping means that you can take the first shot precisely. Simple as that.

"What you lack in quality, you make up in quantity" - Typical picture from cs_office, and it tells you to not spam your weapon, and rather make sure you get precise shots.

"Stop sniping - Get playing" - While it's a sniper-hate thing, it's not always a good idea to snipe. Especially in close quarters, although you might have a pistol to use in such case.

Other tips from a noob:
-- Match your primary and secondary, and especially grenades with them. If you're going SMG rush, select a far-rage pistol (Deagle, Five-Seven, TEC-9), or if sniping - get something for close (P250, Dual Berettas, Glock-19). When going defense position, get a Smoke, Incend, HE and optionally decoy or flash. When going attacking, get some Flash, Decoy and HE.
-- While the SSG08 AKA Scout is by far less powerful than AWP, it is by far more mobile, cheaper, and still does some decent damage. Mainly support weapon, you'll most definitely need to finish with pistol, or a teammate to do it. Having another teammate with an SSG might lead to instakills basically, since even leg hit does >60 damage. Another thing that mobility allows is that you can move by far quickly, shoot quickly, then retreat. Another mobility plus is that at peak of jump, it is 100% accurate. Pretty much allows for a quick hit while nearly unnoticed, and especially, harder to be aimed at.
-- Match your current weapons to be the opposite of what the other team uses. If they use snipers, counter them with SMGs or shotguns, especially at close range. If they are close-rage, get some far-range weapons, and counter easy-peasy.
-- Decoys can be used to imitate flash throwing or even better, make the enemy think you're being at the place the decoy is, making him go to a place that you need him more. Another use is to move quickly, in synchronization with the shots. Sneaky-beaky like.

Pretty much from me, expecting a lot of h8, and thanks for h8ing in advance.
Mozilla Firedoge

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Wow, such icon.

How to improve @ CSGO.

Get people to call you shit for a week.
Play with Bob.
Feel the glory as people suddenly see you as amazing.
This thread got dead, so I'll try to put in some new tips that people might need.

Since recent update, TEC-9 is much less of an opportunity as a far-range weapon, since its falloff has been increased. Before, it eliminated the need of Dual Berettas because it had 2 more rounds in a clip and reloads by far faster. However, it still has the armor penetration that the Berettas don't (Berettas have 52%, TEC-9 has 90%), but it's low accuracy made it a less acceptable "sniping" pistol, and the Berettas beat in that. TEC-9 is now a by far more close-quarter weapon, and should be used alongside with far-range ones.

AWPs and Autosnipers now have a lot less walk speed when zoomed in. They tried to make them more defensive weapons, but people still manage to use them in offensive means. After the update, the only successful run-n-gun sniper is the SSG, although it has lower damage, but a headshot is an instakill.

M249 is basically a heavy M4A4, with a really bigger clip and almost twice bigger price. It's really useful for picking targets one by one, whereas the large clip allows this to be done without stopping.
Negev is a barely selected weapon by almost any player of CSGO. However, that it isn't accepted doesn't mean it isn't useful. The Negev's spray pattern is clearly used for spraying groups of enemies, whereas the highest rate of fire and the 35 damage (with 75% penetration) offer devastation for the whole group. The Negev is a close-range weapon, with an accuracy very similar to that of a TEC-9, but the clip and rate of fire are a lot better than a TEC-9, meaning that there might be chance to use it for a long-range weapon

Fluffy's favorite weapons, the shotguns... Shotguns offer a devastating power in close-quarters, SMG power in medium range, and 0 at long range. Every shotgun gives a 3x kill reward, giving it a great eco round opportunity. All shotguns deal more damage on an armored than an unarmored head (reasons unknown). All shotguns(except SWAG-7) allow for inspecting while reloading - allowing you to concentrate on footsteps or shots.
Nova - most useful when doing headshots or toehurts, since its armor penetration is barely 50%. Although the penetration, the 234 damage might be lethal in a close-range scenario, where 2 kills will have surpassed the price you paid for it, definitely allowing to buy an SMG or a shotgun again (1800$(the 2 kills) + 1400$(if round lost) allows for Nova, Armor, Pistol, Defuser and a Decoy, and even 50$ left). The damage offered and the low penetration allow for early-game fragging, easily, offering a great reward for mid-game. If the enemy is on an eco (you gotta have a lot of luck with that) and you died the previous round, you can get a Nova to bundle some money.
XM1014 (AKA autoshotty) - Longest range shotgun of all, which offers more effective mid-range devastation. While the shotgun does barely 120 damage, it has 80% penetration, and within a headshot, frag, with a 3x reward. Its automatic mode capabilities offer taking out groups, within a low price. To show its long-range capabilities, take for example this picture:
[Image: 1az6qN1.jpg]
3 shots were needed to take out an enemy at ~20 metres, and excluding precise head aiming which is needed for most rifles or SMGs. It is also possible to kill an enemy within 2 shots at ~30m if you have the luck to hit the head at least once in both shots. If there are more people behind the enemy, you can get even more damage dealt to the enemy team.
SWAG-7 AKA Advanced Nova. Basically the same accuracy and falloff as of a Nova, but with a slightly higher damage, more armor penetration, and a quick reload. Perfect for a mid or late game eco round.
Sawed-Off. Just the regular extremely close range shotgun. Same price as a Nova, but higher falloff, less accuracy, 22 more damage, and 75% penetration. It takes 4 shots to kill an enemy at 10m distance, and with the lower rate of fire, just Nope. Really useful as a defensive weapon (hostage missions or bomb defending), but total sh** at being offensive.

Since the new update, some SMGs got a "buff". MP7, MAC-10 and MP9 got an accuracy boost. While they did not get stand-accuracy boost, they got a crouch accuracy boost.
MP7 is basically a mini-rifle, offering average damage, and average penetration of 62%. Crouching with it offers accuracy of an AK when crouched.
MP9 is the same early-game or eco round shpimmmity shpammy weapon, but crouching with it offers great accuracy.
MAC-10 has a slightly better crouching accuracy. Nothing more of it.

If you compare CT and T weapons, you'll see that CT weapons are more expensive, and have better accuracy. T weapons have bigger clips and higher damage, but decreased accuracy, and spray patters are kinda more hard to handle. Grab a weapon that suits you in these means.

PS: Sorry for the necropost, some things had to be said about this
PPS: Sorry for the essay I wrote
Mozilla Firedoge

[Image: 91jUSoA.png]

Wow, such icon.

Tip 1. Don't be Chozpoz, good start, you passed
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I've played with a lot of CSGO players at CM and the main thing people should be concerned about is game sense. I legit aim like a silver sometimes but if you're aware of whats happening in the game, eg. where people are likely to be, good grenade throws, quick and useful rotations(an absolutely huge one), when and when not to shift walk, knowledge of boost spots, not panicing like a wreck when you see more than 1 enemy to shoot, the list goes on, you can easily get to MG.

Also pls no aim at the ground.
I'm shit at csgo and I manage to rank up, how you guys can't with premades makes me sick
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