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A day with my dryfu (Starmade)
Author: Neph, Views: 7097, Replies: 22
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So there was an impromptu Starmade event when Dry found out you could get it for free on steam (the demo is the full game until its released). As with all impormptu events, nobody showed up :p So me and dry went explorin the galaxy together and realised this game is actually pretty baller now and has way more shit than it did when it first came out.

After playing till late in the morning i wanted to show my Dryfu how much i loved him so I did the natural obvious thing. I carved his name into the side of a planet with my fuckin laser beam BECAUSE THATS HOW A REAL MAN SHOWS HIS AFFECTION YOU PUSSIES.

tl;dr starmade is fun

[Image: A6oand2.jpg]

Cockpit view:
[Image: GC0Gmza.jpg]

[Image: YuO70kz.jpg]

P.S. Me And Dry did docking, i think i might b preggers D:
I'd say we played for 2-3 hours last night. Only scratched the surface. Sounds like we'll be playing tonight too.

If anyone wants to play catchup on the serverlist search for the "KozyNetwork" server.
[Image: Qsst9bE.png]
(04-22-2015, 08:42 AM)Dryblood Wrote: Only scratched the surface.

I see what you did there Wink
Can you still get the demo? I would love to join in the action and perform injection burns to different planets. If you know what I mean Wink
[Image: tumblr_lk5308cSXx1qb8ibq.gif]

The Demo is free on steam, it's exactly the same as the paid version during this alpha/beta period.
[Image: Qsst9bE.png]
I just downloaded it Smile
[Image: IrlWVJE.gif]
(04-22-2015, 12:17 PM)muse213 Wrote: I just downloaded it Smile

Click serverlist and search for a server called KozyNetwork
[Image: Qsst9bE.png]
I will do later :3
[Image: IrlWVJE.gif]
For the people wondering. You get the game by going to the main steam page, but instead of buy you click the button on the right that says "download demo". The version you get is the full version of the game. From what I know, you will be able to play the game free like this until the game is officially finished (which will probably take a long time).

In terms of what you can do in the game. They have added an awful lot since it first came out.

-You can now dock smaller ships to large ships and fly them as one.
-You can build warp gates at two places in the galaxy and can then warp between them by simply flying through the gate (requires power and there are limits obviously).
-You can also get a portable warp drive which allows you to set destinations and warp. This requires a lot of power but it is doable on medium size ships.

That's the new stuff, of course you can still:
-Explore and find planets, asteroids, abandoned or pirate space stations. All of which can be built on.
-Build your ship any way you like, there is a lot of different kinds of ship you can make. You can also have multiple.
-SAVE your ships, even if you are on a server you can save them offline and so you never lose them. To get them back you just need enough credits to buy back the materials. This also means you only ever have to build them once.
-Start a faction, claim sectors of space and fight other factions.

tl;dr its really fun now, you should be playing dis shit.
My Dryfu has no respect for ancient civilizations:

[Image: CzcQXnh.jpg]
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