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Author: Miku, Views: 192690, Replies: 514
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As far as I'm aware there is currently no thread to list peoples ranks on CS:GO. Before you make the assumption this thread is to shame silvers and promote my shiny AK it's just so people can play as a pre-made with people the same skill level as them, so without further ado post your rank below and I'll update the table with your name and rank. Make sure if you rank up you post again to edit the table.


Dan - Silver I
Ekiii - Silver II
WetGoat - Silver III
Omega - Silver IV

Gold Nova
Darkfable - Gold Nova I
Santa fox - Gold Nova II
Fielding - Gold Nova II
Squid - Gold Nova II
Macca - Gold Nova III
Josh - Gold Nova III
Sean - Gold Nova Master
Timetricks - Gold Nova Master
Icis4 - Gold Nova Master
Siilis - Gold Nova Master
Fuse - Gold Nova Master

Master Guardian
Mhager - Master Guardian I
Chozpoz - Master Guardian I
samskud - Master Guardian I
Tyde - Master Guardian I
fluffybullets - Master Guardian I
Antonses - Master Guardian II
Ned - Master Guardian II
Alias - Master Guardian II
Ash - Master Guardian Elite
Bob Marley - Master Guardian Elite
[align=center]Gromit - Master Guardian Elite
Maximus - Master Guardian Elite
Rhys - Master Guardian Elite
Muse - Distinguished Master Guardian
Frisky - Distinguished Master Guardian
Jay - Distinguished Master Guardian
Scruff - Distinguished Master Guardian
Gill - Distinguished Master Guardian
Traitors Dagger - Distinguished Master Guardian
Xmeagol - Distinguished Master Guardian

Eagle or above
Skullboy - Legendary Eagle
Spy - Legendary Eagle
Butt - Legendary Eagle
Badcompany - Legendary Eagle
cyric - Legendary Eagle
Huminater - Legendary Eagle
Rizqo - Legendary Eagle
Brown - Legendary Eagle
Miko - Legendary Eagle Master

XxXSilentKillaXxX - blatentaimz.exe
fluffybullets - gold nova 3
[Image: FLCUjNf.gif]
*le GN1
Mozilla Firedoge

[Image: 91jUSoA.png]

Wow, such icon.

master barry cat lord elite
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
just went up to gold 4 Big Grin
[Image: FLCUjNf.gif]
thank u for recognizing my skill
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
just ranked up to global legend barry cat lord nova elite x6
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
Gromit is master guardian elite he didnt want to put it down but i did anyways xx
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
Wauw-wee the cat can not be trusted
[Image: p44VqCw.gif]
[Image: e3b67268cd.png]
[Image: 3d78b601cf.png]
(04-27-2015, 04:09 PM)Gromit Wrote: Wauw-wee the cat can not be trusted

[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
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