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I was at the CEVO tournament this week.
Author: Banana Man, Views: 1069, Replies: 1
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Like the title says, I was at CEVO. Took some pictures and just wanted to share. 

[Image: VJESBBih.jpg]

[Image: 3MQU216h.jpg]

[Image: ANGT9b8h.jpg]

My brother and I seem to have the talent of taking some pretty bad pictures but they're still pretty cool. Most players were really down to earth, and it was pretty cool to hang out with them.
[Image: BPjuONq.gif]
damnnn my two favorite teams Big Grin
[Image: GofRq2b.gif][Image: 3CZrq0N.png][Image: xCUuAxe.png]
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