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Who's still here
Author: Badger, Views: 11918, Replies: 33
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What games are you playing & what are you up to these days?
Playing a f***ton of Paragon recently, not much else.

Aside from that, when my internet is bad, I go to play some Mortal Kombat or an SP game I have.
Mozilla Firedoge

[Image: 91jUSoA.png]

Wow, such icon.

Hearthstone, Overwatch, Battleborn, Dota, CS and weeb shit. Up to nothing.
[Image: GaubYyI.jpg]
My laptop charger broke and its expensive to get a new one so I haven't bothered yet, but been playing on my Xbox 360 again recently. Black ops 2, gta v and battlefield 4....

Dare I even include angry birds 2?

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Scum of the earth here! The Last Shitposter. I've just been playing some games here and there.. on discord with the other fat yanks..

June 8th leaving for Navy Bootcamp.. 
[Image: NpPqXGl.jpg]
hopefully the forums aren't completely goners when I come back...
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
been bored lately
lemme vroom vroom to american fast food plazas real quick
[Image: 4rzhMPT.gif]
Insurgency, Witcher 3, Rust, Space Engineers. Really the amount of games I've missed and I can now play is a bit overwhelming. Waiting for a few paychecks so I can buy tickets for holidays in Latvia, tickets for a music festival there, a headset, a ssd and a hdd, another monitor. Other than that, working, watching the world crumble, smoking pot.
"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think." Adolf Hitler
“We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”  Ayn Rand
I'm still here going to be playing CS:GO and Overwatch mainly, but will play other games too.
I'm still here when I'm not at home or busy with uni work! Playing The Division, CSGO and over watch a lot lately Smile
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