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how are you fucks
Author: squid109, Views: 4919, Replies: 11
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I went to Madrid with my school.

Got to see poverty first hand, 6 animals killed needlessly and cruelly, got blisters on toes, soles got raped too, felt like I was having a heat stroke, stayed in a 2 star hotel that was actually alright but didn't have toast, learnt of how a schoolmate just had a casual wank in the closet of their room with 2 other people in the room, learnt how a schoolmate was locked in a closet for an hour before being gassed out of it by deodorant, making the closet a literal gas chamber and on the flight to Madrid managed to have my pack of cards eaten, spat on, torn up and shoved up someone's ass.

But the trip overall was pretty good I guess...
Having Medieval 2 consume my soul so pretty good 10/10 IGN would genocide mulisms again
Haters Better Hate!!!!!
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