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PC Help
Author: Rabbett, Views: 2955, Replies: 6
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Dunno if anybody is still alive but oh well.

Laptop topped itself a few months ago and I'm gonna buy a desktop PC this time round.

Main things I'll be playing are Football Manager (obvs), the new civ, telltale stuff and a few indie games I guess. Won't be bothering with
the top games like your GTA's and other high end games, get those ones on PS4 so. Gonna get back into PC gaming again.

Be using Maya a fair bit for uni as well.

Any advise on what I should be looking for? I'm not good at this stuff.

Price cap is about £800. Cheers.
show me a site you'd be able to buy it from and i could give it a shot
[Image: 4rzhMPT.gif]

I threw this together in about 10 minuets. It is missing windows and other stuff, but it's a start.
[Image: tumblr_lk5308cSXx1qb8ibq.gif]

Yeah with that build you should be able to play GTA 5 even. Not on the highest setting though.
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if he's only playing FM, civ and that then he could probably go a lot lower
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
checked Currys/pc world and seen a couple of ones

Value for money for those I guess.

Friend of mine linked me this one as well
The first one I would stay clear of. The CPU is really out of date. It is a quad core, but compared to what you can get with Intel now, there's no point in going for it. If you're going to go AMD, wait until the new ZEN architecture CPU's come out. They've actually got hyper-threading and other more modern stuff that Intel have had for a while now. The 960 is good enough for what you want though. Ram is fine, but because the CPU is so old it is DDR3. So If you wanted to chuck more RAM into the system, you may find it difficult later down the line.

The second one I'm not really convinced on. i3's are okay, but for gaming I would really want to see an i5 in there. Especially if you are doing rendering work. But there is the possibility of upgrading the CPU, given that it is running on the newest socket. You are being undercut with the Graphics card (I'm betting because they used the money on an Intel rather then AMD CPU.). The 960 in the first one is a bit better then the 950 in this one. But you'd have to look at game specific benchmarks to see if the performance decrease will matter to you. You are getting the benefit of DDR4 RAM support though. So their is no problem with upgrading the RAM in the future.

The last one I really wouldn't go for. It's really outdated. The CPU is only really meant for very light gaming. Also there is no hope of upgrading as I think that socket is going to be phased out soon (Don't quote me on that). The Graphics card is solid. There is really noting wrong with a 750ti it's just not as powerful as the ones on the other two rigs. It's very much mid tier form a few years ago. The RAM is okay, but just like the first one you are locked into DDR3 and you will have trouble later if you want to chuck more memory into the PC (later being probably 2-4 years. DDR3 is getting phased out, but progress is slow, the release of the new AMD CPUs will probably speed up adoption of DDR4.). Also with that build you do have to factor in the cost for Windows.
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