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Need to wipe the dedi
Author: Badger, Views: 2292, Replies: 6
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Hey guys.

I need to wipe the dedi to update everything and remove some crap that's build up over the last year.
TeamSpeak should be back up before anyone notices.

Is there anything any of you need from the dedi?
I can copy over any game servers people are still using.

I noticed there's a Minecraft server on there belonging to the K order.
k order's secret backroom minecraft server
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
You had this site with the counter strike sounds and stuff, are those included? I need a few of those
"Build 100 bridges and suck 1 dick, you're not a bridge builder, you're a dick sucker"
[Image: 76561198021855787.png]
You mean this-

It's on my personal website, not the dedi.
It has been done.
Oi Badge you ol' fart. Anybody else having problems with shout box? On computer and on my phone when I go to the website (and on every theme) the shout box always comes up as 'loading' but trying to enter shouts doesnt work. The only way I can even see it is by looking at full shout box but that doesnt let you talk. Has Alias finally found a way to prevent me from using the shout box?


Oh and btw I now have a 30mbps download speed which is faster then when I was in England. Go figure

[Image: 61433430_2227478007328488_17467336756780...e=5DA68261]
I'll try a few things.

Could you open up developer console on your computer (f12) and send me the errors in a pm?
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