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♥ Chirno's C R E A T I V E Corner ♥ (News)
Author: Chirno, Views: 26478, Replies: 72
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This lasted long.

[Image: 61433430_2227478007328488_17467336756780...e=5DA68261]
Do you like Overwatch? do you use Google Chrome? do you want a new theme made by a cool dood with decent photoshop skills and creativity?
well you're in luck, because your pal Chirno has made this awesome very nice cool and good theme.
free to take ♥ it's because I love her.

I swear if any of you ask me to make me one of YOUR favorite Overfuck character I will throw a fit
[Image: OZDGMG6.png]

Download it here if you want, and unpack it. BECAUSE I AM NICE AND IT TOOK ME LIKE 4 HOURS TO MAKE THIS BECAUSE i am picky as fuck.
It's actually 1920x1080 this time!
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
Since there seems to be a CM revival, I thought it be best to make myself a new siggy :^)

[Image: uGX7AVx.gif]
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
make sexe roadhog sig pls
Noice siggy. Thumbs
Also very nice chrome theme. Ty for sharing it. I had to resize the the background slightly as I use a smaller taskbar but it looks amazing.
[Image: GaubYyI.jpg]
That's ducking sick

[Image: 61433430_2227478007328488_17467336756780...e=5DA68261]
Fancy upgrading mine to a shiny new siigggggyyy
[Image: toxDIze.gif]
(03-12-2017, 01:50 PM)Maximus Wrote: Fancy upgrading mine to a shiny new siigggggyyy
[Image: 1XLfhbV.jpg]

it's already a shiny new gen 4 smooth animation siggy...
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
I've been waiting four years for a sweet, swaggy, siggy sonny
I need a siggy now I'm back :c Kanna please
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