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♥ Chirno's C R E A T I V E Corner ♥ (News)
Author: Chirno, Views: 12885, Replies: 72
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[Image: mHPI0kB.png]

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Welcome to Chirno's Creative Corner!
(Still the same ol' Churro tbh)

So as some of you may know I have recently enlisted into the Navy, pretty swaggin, nothing much to say about that.
I wanted to make this thread because I wanted to keep something alive on CM.
Don't expect too many siggies, IF I even decide to make any, given it's current state, I don't think CM needs siggies (is ded)

I will be using this thread to post anything I make because I like to show my creations to others
and I don't feel like joining another community, even this be dying.

I would also like to see some of your creations if any of you are active enough to post, would be nice.
Have Fun ♥

Asking for a siggy will be provided with a perma ban to receiving a siggy.
You will not receive a siggy from me unless it is a gift of kindness.
Keep the meme level to a minimum, this is not a shitpost thread.
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
I made that header picture, then ordered it as a custom sticker that should be arriving in the mail on the 20th or so, pretty swag, I've always wanted a custom sticker designed by myself.
[Image: jTag1cU.jpg]
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
[Image: snzZuG0.png]
I can't remember the context of this picture
One of my headsets sounded like ass with sandpaper.
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
[Image: 8qal3.jpg]

That's cool, what role you in? 
Eventually when I get back to England one of my three choices of things I want to do is join the Royal Marines... Just have to work out more and drink less before then. xD
I play the gunner class, I've yet to learn my skills and awaiting a teacher at the moment.
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
we're talking about navy irl right?
(10-09-2016, 07:01 PM)D2. Wrote: we're talking about navy irl right?

[Image: QCBvYbO.jpg]
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
my custom stickers arrived in the mail today, pretty awesome came out really good. 6 of them for about $30 not bad.
Transparent too!
[Image: XwXjcM8.jpg]
[Image: pjJZtpz.gif]
anybody got any memes?
[Image: IEYfCIY.gif]
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