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New map - TBA
Author: Santa fox, Views: 469, Replies: 4
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Hello, I am sure a few of you remember me from quite a few years ago, and how I used to be active in level design for TTT. Well, I have decided to launch that career again, as I need a break off my other level design projects I have going.

However, I could use some inspiration from the community I have known for such a long time, and that seemed to, at least, have enjoyed my last Halloween themed map.

So, what type of maps do you guys like? Surreal ones like ttt_surreal, de_matrix or more fun themed ones like ttt_communitybowl, ttt_64th or more realistic? Should be able to have something scraped together fairly quickly for your viewing Smile
Halloween was a great map. We'll definitely get it on the server Halloween time.
As for map ideas, I can only really think of environments.

We don't really have any jungle or desert environment maps.
I personally like maps with water, blue/gray/dark colors and green plants.

What I think a good map needs though:

A clear map that has open areas with potential sniping, is divided in two or more areas. Not too difficult to find your way. An enviromental hazard. Also some small areas good for more close combat, perhaps tunnels underneath?

If there is a t-tester then it needs to have t-traps around it and be breakable.

Any T-traps should be pretty obvious hazards because nobody likes dying to something random and having no idea what it was.

Ive found that while having loads of stuff that looks good in your map, non-mappers generally dont like playing maps that have too much stuff cluttering the view. They want simple stuff where things are easy to see and you know where to rest your eyes. Which is unfortunate considering its boring to map...

Also no invisible borders, nobody likes that.
Needs ladders for gamesfreak.
(03-27-2017, 06:04 PM)Loki Wrote: Needs ladders for gamesfreak.

Source Ladders are nearly as bad as the lifts in WoW
[Image: MTTBgYI.gif]
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