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You will get much more profit on box buying stores with the TOR browser
Author: Tagkin, Views: 241, Replies: 1
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I used to get profitable items while case buying turn and turn about with usual browsers... I open boxes usually on OpenCS:GO) I was thinking what if I will change the region of my IP?! Some day I've decided to spin with the TOR browser?My aim was to enter the web-service from some successful and successful region... 

I decided to choose Britain, Germany, or the same region) And I have chosen Belgium...So I logined the web site where I'm usually purchase cases with the TOR-browser... So I've refilled my balance and started to choose case. So I have enter the service and selected one of the boxes) And then started something incredible) 

Near at once I have win 2 top skins. There were AWP BOOM and M4A1-S Icarus Fell... I have made these drops from different boxes I must admit!I would like to continue my spining but I had to go to my granny to help her in the garden... Next time I will use TOR too.

[Image: 5b9c186a45213844c7fad0c655942122.png]
At least these are always in the most suitable part of the forums
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