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Other TTT Servers
Author: D2., Views: 441, Replies: 1
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For those of you still into TTT as much as it can bore you at times. 
Just curious to know what other servers people are playing on these days.

I'm a regular on the Questionable Ethics server which is quite fun, they only have one 26 space server but it's got good add-ons and equipment to play with. Seen quite a few of our old guys there.. Mhager, Kim, Cheisa.. 
Only thing is they have a complete different system of how they run it and it actually makes me miss CM more than ever. 
No developers, no seniors, just the owners the admins and operators...
[Image: giphy.gif]
Whenever I have free time and I feel like playing TTT, that's where I go.

Steam group-
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