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help my amigos
Author: thinhwang2.0, Views: 1373, Replies: 2
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Good evening my mayonnaise coloured friends, I have a story so sad that your auntie may contract tuberculosis.

As always I rushed home from work to examine the latest beef occuring down at my favourite website However to my greatest displeasure I had been banned from the forums.

After a solid 20 minutes of crying I wiped away my tears and decided to create an admin abuse request. The culprit?

No other than fat faggot Jaasce himself, please demote.

cheers boys.

[Image: c0c55d93ded29705492aaa12db9d1925]
[Image: Filthy+black+cat+scum+orange+and+tan+cat...16964b.jpg]

[Image: 61433430_2227478007328488_17467336756780...e=5DA68261]
he can't be stopped
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