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say it back
Hello bois
Why am I even alive tbf
It back

[Image: 61433430_2227478007328488_17467336756780...e=5DA68261]
thought I'd make a new account just to post this because my old one got wiped many years ago.

It's crazy that this website is still up. CM was the first online community I was ever a part of and it meant a lot to young me, and even though I'm pretty much a different person now it's still nice to think back. Garry's Mod remains my second most played game on steam and its because of the years i spent here. I really hope you're all doing well. if anyone wants to reconnect and chat hit me up on reddit or steam, my username is CountAardvark on both.

Anyway just thought I'd stop in and say hi to whoever might read this. Even if I never knew you we shared this tiny piece of the internet with each other, and that matters. Good luck with everything
Hey CountAardvark!
It's been a while.

I've kept the forums up for anyone who wants to look back over some of the good times they had here.
There's a few people in the CM discord -
Drop in and say hi.

Also, for some more nostalgia, I've made a playlist of the CM videos I've been able to find
"Build 100 bridges and suck 1 dick, you're not a bridge builder, you're a dick sucker"
[Image: 76561198021855787.png]
hey guys

It's me yomino. I existed once upon a time. Remember the past? That's where I live now. Hope you're all doing well.
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